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Senior Pastor Search


Salem Church of Ashland is currently in a season of discerning who will be our next Senior Pastor. If you have arrived at this page as a result of seeing our ad for a new Senior Pastor, we first want to thank you for your interest in serving and leading our church.  Please continue to explore the information provided on this page and throughout our website to see if leading Salem Church of Ashland is of further interest to you. 

If you have opened this page from the homepage of our website and have not seen our ad, please follow the links below to see our Job Description and Church Profile. This will help you learn more about the position and who we are at Salem Church of Ashland.


If interested, please prayerfully consider the following three questions and follow the link below to submit a resume:

  1. Tell us why are you applying for this position.

  2. Please give us a brief testimony of how you came to faith in Christ.

  3. Please follow the link provided and read through the Statements of Faith from Salem Church of Ashland. Do you understand and affirm each of these beliefs and positions?



We look forward to hearing from you!

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